Weekend grook* greeting, week 35

table-manners-1081430_1920.jpg…  the IT in Society class has started…  and it feels fine….. a good set of students that seem eager (and able)…..  and as usual the setting will be the health sector… an area where people actually should refine when being asked “how are you?”….  🙂

On wanting refinement

some people’s manners
repel you.
Ask, how they are
and, godammit,
they tell you.

.. and, well….  I guess this in many ways is a question of culture....  which is something the students will struggle with..  😉

..  anyway…  hope you’ll only have good things to say if someone ask how you are this weekend…

* Grook taken from “Collected Grooks II” by Piet Hein


Weekend grook* greeting, week 34

connect-20333_1920.jpg… almost weekend again…   wonder if there’s something similar to larks bringing the weekends on…  :-p      I guess this could be seen as an example of cause and effect…   keen observations can probably “prove” almost any connection…  or perhaps the observations rather should be less than keen…

On tour

The cold ploughed field seems empty
of any living thing;
but overhead there hangs a lark,
suspended on a string.

It fills the air with trilling thrills,
so palpable and plastic,
absurdly bobbing up and down –
because the string’s elastic -,

till, duty done, and Spring harbinger,
it whisked into the air,
and lowered in another place
to spring it on them there.

....  this grook gave another association —- Santa.. and his ability to be in heaps of places almost simultaneously…  😉

…  anyway..  hope whatever sign you see this weekend will be connected to something really nice….

Weekend grook* greeting, week 32 & 33

Grook week 32

light-146595_1280.png…  been on vacation…  and the weekend is just about over already..  :-p    ..  guess that is one thing hard to imagine....  well..  I think Piet has a point here.. although I sadly think that there is too much imagination regarding how our neighbour’s tribulation might be a problem for us..


We haven’t much imagination:
it even overstrains our powers
to see our neighbour’s tribulation
as any real concern of ours.

We have too much imagination:
enough to credit, without fuss,
that all is well with all creation
whenever things are well with us.

..  but I think that’s an illusion… or rather not being those that he is thinking of here…  well, I think he describe those that “know” with very limited real base for doing so…   but if he thinks of those that knows what’s best for others than I think he might find quite a few at universities…  :-p

..  anyway…  hope your weekend will be free of anyone who would be seen as a pest…

Grook week 33


..  back to work for real…  and I guess working at a university might by some be seen as working with tons of persons that are among those that Piet is referring to in this grook….




Those who always
know what’s best
a universal pest.

..  but I think that’s an illusion… or rather not being those that he is thinking of here…  well, I think he describe those that “know” with very limited real base for doing so…   but if he thinks of those that knows what’s best for others than I think he might find quite a few at universities…  :-p

..  anyway…  hope your weekend will be free of anyone who would be seen as a pest…

* Grook taken from “Collected Grooks II” by Piet Hein

Weekend grook* greeting, week 31

geometry-1044090_1920.jpg… this grook got me to think about getting a lecture about how complex numbers could be used in high school math  to better introduce many other concepts, e.g. derivation and trigonometry, by my father the other day…  a sign that he’s getting better..  well, dealing with the new phase of his leukemia, since his medicine is not working anymore..


Thinking causes lots of pain.
Talking doesn’t cost a thing.
Therefore, rest your weary brain
and give your tongue a fling.

… and thinking of him…  I’m sure he would not agree with this advice of Piet…   😉

..  hope your weekend will be filled with painless excellent thinking..

* Grook taken from “Collected Grooks II” by Piet Hein

Weekend grook* greeting, week 30

splashing-165192_1280.jpg..  this grook reminded me of a saying that contradicts.. “en svala gör ingen sommar” (one swallow doesn’t make it summer)… although I think Piet might have wanted to point at the beauty in the small.. and perhaps that one can imply great things in small and subtle ways…

Atmospheric grook

With what adroitness
Nature gleans
sublime effects
with modest means!
A rain-drop streaks
my window pane;
then it is spring-time
once again.

..  it also makes me wonder if perhaps weather was more stable before…  a rain-drop on the window seem to happen at any time these days..  :-p

..  anyway..  hope you’ll have a weekend filled with observing all the wonders in Nature…  big and small…

* Grook taken from “Collected Grooks II” by Piet Hein

Four FIE confirmations :-)

swirl-1170475_1280.jpgGot three pappers and a panel approved for Frontiers in Education in October…  although one meant some extra work…  the system had, as far as I understand it, flagged our revised submission as being the same as the one previously submitted…  luckily we could show that we had adressed the reviewers comments and got it accepted…  phew!!

One of the papers (A Critical Analysis of Trends in Student-centric Engineering Education and their Implications for Learning) is about looking broadly at the effects of student-centric (student active) education…  which I think is called for in the rush to build on the positive reports regarding learning using such methods… the intention is not to discourage from adopting student-centric pedagogy, but rather to consider what fits each course context (teacher, content, students) and especially the overall setting (e.g. parallel courses) best… the latter since the increases in learning very likely depends on students spending more time, which if all parallel courses had that effect could be quite overwhelming to the students….  and also to ponder one of the best pedagogic advices I’ve heard: variation works

Weekend grook* greeting, week 29

pokemon-1521104_1280.jpg….  it’s summer break here…  and seems like my intellect is taking a break as well…  I don’t quite understand what Piet means with this  grook..  perhaps something about that laughs should be wholehearted to be worthwhile…  and I guess some people having invested in Pokemon GO and enterprises related to that “laugh all the way to the bank”…  (if there is such a saying in English…  there is in Swedish..)…..    🙂

a recipe

the laugh.
the price.

..  and recording steps is fun…  get well over the 10.000 a day my clock set as goal for me…

… anyway…  hope you don’t need a recipe for having fun…  rather that your weekend is in the sign of humor…

* Grook taken from “Collected Grooks II” by Piet Hein

Weekend grook* greeting, week 28


…  time to fly home after attending ITiCSE in Arequipa, Peru..…  and it’s been quite interesting and fun…  felt special to have the honor of delivering a keynote presentation…  the conference dinner was held in a monastery from 1579… and pictures there definitely could make you think of angels……  and being almost 2400m above sea level could perhaps also make you think you’re closer to angels….  although I didn’t notice anyone who’d fit Piet’s description in this grook…


   Though men are no angles,
they’re better by far
so long as they think
that you think
that they are.

…  although I think that thinking well of people often is a good approach…  and I also think that we could be better at letting others now that we think well of them…

.. anyway…   hope you’ll be surrounded by people that are worthy of you thinking well of them….

* Grook taken from “Collected Grooks II” by Piet Hein


Weekend grook greeting, week 27

friends-1013856_1920.jpg…  time for weekend after a week with mostly vacation…… and really nice weather.. so pretty hard to concentrate on preparing for my keynote at ITiCSE in Arequipa, Peru, coming Wednesday…  might be good to have some extra time due to time zone differences..  :-p        …  maybe I should be a friend as in this grook….


Why so sad and woebegone?
will the world not heed you?
Courage! Even you have won<
friends you may rely upon
when they really need you.

…   nah…  not that I don’t think my friends would give support if asked… and I think they would enjoy helping in this…  and would be there in general if I really needed that…  I think Piet is a bit cynic in this grook…  I think friends would want to be rely upon in a case of real need…

..  oh well..  hope your weekend will be void of friends in need or indeed yourself…

Weekend grook greeting, week 26

.. pier-801761_1280.jpg weekend again… and time for another grook greeting
…  what perspective one has does indeed matter…     which 
is pretty clear in this grook…  quite a subtle reminder by Piet about how ones own views might be directed on oneself with a different viewpoint..


Which of us doesn’t
accept as a rule
that anyone dumber than us
is a fool?
But how many of us
can wholly subdue
the feeling
that anyone smarter is, too?

…well…   there are so many different ways to be smart and dumb..… and many better ways to spend ones opinions than classifying others as dumb (or smart)..

..  anyway…  hope your weekend will be filled with all kinds of pleasant smartness…