Developments in Global Software Engineering Education

This is a panel accepted for FIE 2016. The panelists are:

Tony Clear, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Sarah Beecham, University of Limerick, Ireland

John Barr, Ithaca College, USA

Mats Daniels, Uppsala University, Sweden

Michael Oudshoorn, Wentworth Institute of Technology, USA

John Noll, University of Limerick, Ireland


Below is the abstract:

Abstract—An ITiCSE 2015 conference working group report has recently delivered a comprehensive systematic review of the literature addressing the challenges and solutions in teaching global software engineering courses. In this panel session, a group of authors of that report will review the findings, and present their own views on teaching such courses, the pros and cons and their own motivations and experiences, together with strategies that have proven effective. We argue that these courses are critical for preparing students for practice as software engineers in today’s global settings, but they are certainly not for the faint-hearted. After the review and presentation of position statements by panelists there will be a question and answer session with the audience and a discussion elaborating on the next frontiers in research and practice for global software engineering education.

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