Four FIE confirmations :-)

swirl-1170475_1280.jpgGot three pappers and a panel approved for Frontiers in Education in October…  although one meant some extra work…  the system had, as far as I understand it, flagged our revised submission as being the same as the one previously submitted…  luckily we could show that we had adressed the reviewers comments and got it accepted…  phew!!

One of the papers (A Critical Analysis of Trends in Student-centric Engineering Education and their Implications for Learning) is about looking broadly at the effects of student-centric (student active) education…  which I think is called for in the rush to build on the positive reports regarding learning using such methods… the intention is not to discourage from adopting student-centric pedagogy, but rather to consider what fits each course context (teacher, content, students) and especially the overall setting (e.g. parallel courses) best… the latter since the increases in learning very likely depends on students spending more time, which if all parallel courses had that effect could be quite overwhelming to the students….  and also to ponder one of the best pedagogic advices I’ve heard: variation works