Final version of FIE paper uploaded

church-1102046_1920.jpgI just uploaded the final version of the Aligning Quality Assurance at the Course Unit and Educational Program Levels for the ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education (FIE) conference. This paper is mainly about how a Database course was redesigned at Reykjavik University based on the results of a Quality Assurance process, which we have described in e.g. Quality Assurance using International Curricula and Employer Feedback presented at the ACM Australasian Computing Education conference (ACE) in Sydney, Australia 2015. The interesting things in my opinion is that the Quality Assurance process was actually seen as relevant and positive by the staff at Reykjavik University and the relatively detailed description of how the ACM/IEEE Curricula guidelines could be used in updating and implementing a course. The first since Quality Assurance processes in my experience mostly have been seen as something requiring a lot of work with not much value as seen from the teaching staff perspective. The second since it could lower the bar for teachers to use the ACM/IEEE Curricula guidelines, or similar ones, in their course planning.