Weekend grook* greeting, week 30

splashing-165192_1280.jpg..  this grook reminded me of a saying that contradicts.. “en svala gör ingen sommar” (one swallow doesn’t make it summer)… although I think Piet might have wanted to point at the beauty in the small.. and perhaps that one can imply great things in small and subtle ways…

Atmospheric grook

With what adroitness
Nature gleans
sublime effects
with modest means!
A rain-drop streaks
my window pane;
then it is spring-time
once again.

..  it also makes me wonder if perhaps weather was more stable before…  a rain-drop on the window seem to happen at any time these days..  :-p

..  anyway..  hope you’ll have a weekend filled with observing all the wonders in Nature…  big and small…

* Grook taken from “Collected Grooks II” by Piet Hein

Weekend grook* greeting, week 29

pokemon-1521104_1280.jpg….  it’s summer break here…  and seems like my intellect is taking a break as well…  I don’t quite understand what Piet means with this  grook..  perhaps something about that laughs should be wholehearted to be worthwhile…  and I guess some people having invested in Pokemon GO and enterprises related to that “laugh all the way to the bank”…  (if there is such a saying in English…  there is in Swedish..)…..    🙂

a recipe

the laugh.
the price.

..  and recording steps is fun…  get well over the 10.000 a day my clock set as goal for me…

… anyway…  hope you don’t need a recipe for having fun…  rather that your weekend is in the sign of humor…

* Grook taken from “Collected Grooks II” by Piet Hein