Why are We Here?

questions-2212771_1920.jpgThis is a question that I think should be asked more often, because if you have a better grasp on why then you might make more informed decisions about what to do. We will give a set of seminars on the “Why are We Here” theme in connection with Anne Peters defending her PhD thesis Learning Computing at University: Identity and Participation: A Longitudinal study. The seminars will be held on November 30 and December 1 followed by Annes defence after lunch on December 1 at Uppsala University. Please feel welcome to come and listen and discuss.



Weekend grook* greeting, week 35

table-manners-1081430_1920.jpg…  the IT in Society class has started…  and it feels fine….. a good set of students that seem eager (and able)…..  and as usual the setting will be the health sector… an area where people actually should refine when being asked “how are you?”….  🙂

On wanting refinement

some people’s manners
repel you.
Ask, how they are
and, godammit,
they tell you.

.. and, well….  I guess this in many ways is a question of culture....  which is something the students will struggle with..  😉

..  anyway…  hope you’ll only have good things to say if someone ask how you are this weekend…

* Grook taken from “Collected Grooks II” by Piet Hein

Weekend Grook greeting, week 25


..  time for another weekend.. in Sweden a pretty special one: Midsommar…  guess that could be seen as a community thing…  and belonging in a community is important…  I’d see our success in getting papers in to the ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education conference as a sign of us (UpCERG) being central to the computing/engineering education research community…. although one would perhaps not want to belong based on the criteria in this grook…  😮

There’s matter for reflection
in one’s fellow-men’s inanity:
it strengthens one’s conviction
of belonging to humanity.

…   but perhaps anything that makes you belong is of value..  hmm.. nah…   there are reasons that are *wrong*…

.. anyway..  hope you’ll find yourself in positive and enjoyable communities this weekend… here is where I’ll spend my midsummer weekend..   


FIE again

meeting-1019875_1920.jpgJust got word about the fourth paper and it also got accepted with minor revisions. This paper, A framework for writing personal learning agreements, is an outcome of project we got from Uppsala University. We have had two students helping us develop a system for supporting learning agreements in the IT in Society course. Part of the support we will provide is definitions of professional competencies and ideas for what to do in order to develop the chosen competencies. The perhaps more interesting support is the use of personas and scenarios to help identify with developing professional competencies. Read the paper


Yesterday I was at a party celebrating my former PhD-student, Mattias Wiggberg, turning 40 (his thesis is entitled Computer science project courses – contrasting students’ experiences with teachers’ expectations). Apart from having a generally nice time I also stumbled across opportunities. I meet someone from the Swedish patent and registration office and got to know that they have a drive to educate regarding patent this year. They give these for free   🙂    I also chatted with someone who will start at an Author school next semester and got a chance to discuss developing and assessing competencies. Will keep contact and hear more how that is done and experienced from a student perspective. Anyway, going to parties can be quite rewarding.

Papers for Frontiers in Education, 2016

FIE 2016 CFP postcardI have four paper abstracts and one panel proposal accepted for the ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education (FIE)  conference to be held in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA in October 12-15. So far I have got notice that the panel Developments in global software education has been accepted with minor revisions, that the paper Students envisioning their future has been accepted, and that the papers A critical analysis of trends in student-centric engineering education and their implications for learning and Aligning quality assurance at the course unit and educational program levels both have been accepted with minor revisions. I am waiting to hear about the A framework for writing personal learning agreements  paper. Feels good so far   🙂

Keynote Speaker at ITiCSE

ITiCSEI hope you will be attending ITiCSE in Peru this summer, since I’m one of the keynote speakers and want a big audience!!

I will address how I view the identities of teachers and students interfering with integration of development of professional competencies in degree programs. I will give examples from our research and my experience that illustrates the difficulties and outline some potential interventions that might lead to changes. My hope is that this talk will result in many fruitful discussions, both at the talk and afterwards.