IT in Society 2017 – Project start

The kick-off week in the IT in Society course is approaching its end. Nine students from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute, Indiana, USA are here to start a collaboration with twenty students at Uppsala University. Their task this semester is to investigate the issue of positioning in a major hospital. It will be interesting to hear them tomorrow when they will present their ideas for how they will approach this issue this semester to the clients. The clients are centrally placed at the hospital, including the Chief Digital Officer at Uppsala University Hospital and also leading persons at the Department of Electronic Medical Records at the County Council of Uppsala.

It is interesting how the setting provide a win-win situation. The gain for the clients include getting a different, and holistic, perspective on for them important aspects of their enterprise. Our cooperation stretches back to 2005, which we see as a good indicator that our clients value what our students do. The gain for the students is the development of for them relevant professional competencies, especially for those that truly engage in the project. Perhaps the most essential is to learn how to deal with open-ended problems, where they need to deal with complexities and uncertainties which prevent them from jumping right into coming up with solutions. A gain for then faculty is that each year is different presenting new challenges and opportunities to learn about how to support students in their development of professional competencies.


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