Weekend grook* greeting, week 40

phone-499991_1920.jpg… I think Piet did catch a common thing with this weeks grook..… and it does seem amazingly easy to find something others do quite annoying and yet not even noticing when doing the same thing…. or the reverse..  to find things one has thought of as important and unique..  things that if someone else came up with it would be seen as insignificant…


There’s a neighbour’s telephone
with the same distinctive tone
as it pleases mine to make…
… which I find I cannot take.

well..  this also made men use about phones and phone signals..…  wondering how different, if indeed different at all, phones sounded when Piet wrote this grook…

.. anyway..  hope your weekend will be filled with appreciated variation…

* Grook taken from “Collected Grooks II” by Piet Hein

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