Weekend grook* greeting, week 39

i-67355_1920.jpggrowing up I never felt confident about writing….. and I’m sure not due to lack of imagination….  my parents took me to the doctor to check my hearing when I was two… nothing wrong with it (then..  😮  )..…  my mothers explanation was that I had too much imagination and thus drifted into “non-hearing”…  and who am I to doubt my mother..  😉   …  seems like Piet have met (or read) writers with no lack of confidence..… especially regarding how they see themselves….

Literary grook

To imagine himself
is the poet’s art;
for his theme must grow out of
his innermost heart.

But alas, there are poets enough
on my shelves
who think it sufficient
to fancy themselves.

..  well…  guess one way to look at it is to measure what actually gets to the shelves..  :-p      …  although then I think there is a danger to always play it safe (see my recent blog on this.

.. anyway…  I know the weekend is further away than normally for this greeting (I write now due to my fathers funeral tomorrow).. but hope your imagination will serve you well this weekend…

* Grook taken from “Collected Grooks II” by Piet Hein


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