Weekend grook* greeting, week 38

download-1002802_1920.jpg…  well this weeks grook is interesting I think….  like who is a person (really)???  …  is there really a definite answer to that… and at which level in that case???   …  take for instance, as I think Piet is doing here, someone saying/behaving in a certain way in a specific context and not doing so in another context..  what would that imply??  ..  can one really be totally consequent in what one say or do??


As people keep reminding you
the horrid things that people do
are superficial merely.

They’re really not like that at all.
It’s quite unjust of one and all
to judge them so severely.

It would be grand, it seems to me,
if people really were to be
as nice as they are really.

..   perhaps one can if it seen at a sufficiently abstract level…  sort of lifting the actions to a level where an image occur that is “consistent” and show who the person “really” is..  :-p

… anyway…  hope whatever you do this weekend will reflect who you really want to be…


* Grook taken from “Collected Grooks II” by Piet Hein

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