Weekend grook* greeting, week 36

.. .. anothIMG_1745.JPGer weekend is approaching..  the title of this grook is relevant to thoughts emanating from my father dying last Saturday.. (which happened peacefully in his home and with his mind clear.... and feel grateful for being there with him… ) ….  sort of a time to sum up..  to think about what has been..

A grook on finding a form
commensurate with one’s subject

It may be observed
in a general way
that life would be
better, distinctly,
if more of the people
with nothing to say
were able to say it

..  I think my father comes out well when things gets summed up…..  and had things to say…  and did so succinctly..  perhaps especially when it came to using complex numbers in math education…  :-p

..  anyway…hope however you sum up your weekend it will come up positive…

* Grook taken from “Collected Grooks II” by Piet Hein

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