Weekend grook* greeting, week 35

table-manners-1081430_1920.jpg…  the IT in Society class has started…  and it feels fine….. a good set of students that seem eager (and able)…..  and as usual the setting will be the health sector… an area where people actually should refine when being asked “how are you?”….  🙂

On wanting refinement

some people’s manners
repel you.
Ask, how they are
and, godammit,
they tell you.

.. and, well….  I guess this in many ways is a question of culture....  which is something the students will struggle with..  😉

..  anyway…  hope you’ll only have good things to say if someone ask how you are this weekend…

* Grook taken from “Collected Grooks II” by Piet Hein


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