Weekend grook* greeting, week 34

connect-20333_1920.jpg… almost weekend again…   wonder if there’s something similar to larks bringing the weekends on…  :-p      I guess this could be seen as an example of cause and effect…   keen observations can probably “prove” almost any connection…  or perhaps the observations rather should be less than keen…

On tour

The cold ploughed field seems empty
of any living thing;
but overhead there hangs a lark,
suspended on a string.

It fills the air with trilling thrills,
so palpable and plastic,
absurdly bobbing up and down –
because the string’s elastic -,

till, duty done, and Spring harbinger,
it whisked into the air,
and lowered in another place
to spring it on them there.

....  this grook gave another association —- Santa.. and his ability to be in heaps of places almost simultaneously…  😉

…  anyway..  hope whatever sign you see this weekend will be connected to something really nice….


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