Weekend grook* greeting, week 28


…  time to fly home after attending ITiCSE in Arequipa, Peru..…  and it’s been quite interesting and fun…  felt special to have the honor of delivering a keynote presentation…  the conference dinner was held in a monastery from 1579… and pictures there definitely could make you think of angels……  and being almost 2400m above sea level could perhaps also make you think you’re closer to angels….  although I didn’t notice anyone who’d fit Piet’s description in this grook…


   Though men are no angles,
they’re better by far
so long as they think
that you think
that they are.

…  although I think that thinking well of people often is a good approach…  and I also think that we could be better at letting others now that we think well of them…

.. anyway…   hope you’ll be surrounded by people that are worthy of you thinking well of them….

* Grook taken from “Collected Grooks II” by Piet Hein



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